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The Best Tub and Shower Panels for Multifamily

Durability. Design. Low maintenance. It's rare that a shower product can embody each of these traits. But cast marble does. In fact, it stands head and shoulders above other commonly used shower and tub surrounds in multifamily projects. Once you know what cast marble can do, choosing it for your next apartment or condo project is a no-brainer.

Beautiful designs and solid material - with no grout to be found. Here are just a few reasons why cast marble takes the cake when it comes to commercial shower design.

1. Panels and Pans are SOLID 

When building a multifamily community, it's important that your showers are durable and long-lasting to avoid unforeseen costs. Unlike popular alternatives that are often hollow and easily damaged, Mincey cast marble shower panels and pans are solid - made from crushed stone and resin. In fact, our pans weigh around 200lbs (but still only require a simple "drop-in" installation). They're built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use by tenant after tenant. 

solid shower pan-1

Each panel and pan also features a non-porous, stain-resistant gel coat surface. This ensures your showers hold up year after year, so you can focus on what matters most - keeping residents happy and comfortable.

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2. Less Maintenance In Between Tenants

Managing multiunit properties can be stressful, especially when it comes to cleaning up after tenants. Even if a tenant has never cleaned their shower, cast marble makes maintenance a lot easier, thanks to:

✔️NO GROUT: Say "goodbye!" to mold and mildew. Cast marble products are completely groutless, which means no regrouting or resealing between tenants. EVER.

✔️EASY CLEANING: Because our showers are permanently sealed (and groutless), they're easy to clean. Residents can simply clean the shower with soapy water or even Windex.

✔️NO EXPENSIVE RESTORATION: Our shower pans and panels can be deep cleaned using acetone and a soft bristle brush. So even if a shower looks like it's never been cleaned, there's no need to hire a restoration company to repair or deep clean stained panels or pans.

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 grout cleaning
say goodbye to scrubbing grout

3. Authentic Designs That Impress

Imagine walking into a shower that looks like it belongs in a fancy hotel, rather than a cheap plastic imitation. When it comes to multifamily properties, every detail makes a difference in attracting and retaining tenants. Mincey tile patterns feature realistic grout lines, some with wavy blocks for an authentic handmade tile look. All without the messy installation and maintenance of grout.

1298_35a_Mincey-1it's not tile! 

You can really make your showers sing with patterns featuring unique shapes and textures that elevate the entire space. With over 30 panel designs to choose from, you're sure to find one that suits your space.


4. Made in USA for Timely Installation

What if you could get residents moved in faster? Because all of Mincey's cast marble products are crafted right here in the USA, there's no worrying about supply chain issues or long boat rides. But that's not all. Our products are designed for quick installation, without the need for tiling, grouting, or sealing. Say goodbye to days of waiting for installation to be completed.

shipping container

Whether you've purchased a cast marble product from us ten years ago or you place an order today, you can be confident in knowing that it's 100% manufactured here in America.

Cast marble is the unrivaled choice for commercial shower design, especially in multifamily properties. Its durability, attractive designs, and low maintenance give it undeniable value in both cost savings and aesthetic appeal. Decrease time and money spent on deep cleaning and maintenance. Mincey cast marble looks new for years to come! 

Need more convincing? Mincey knows multifamily - check out our project map.