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Three Reasons Why Not Using Shower Pan Liners is a Mistake

Ordering these protective covers is the best thing you can do to protect your shower pans during construction. It's cheap insurance. These protective covers save our customers from the frustration and costs of post-install repairs or replacements (see examples below). We aim to provide seamless project experiences for our customers. That's why our shower pan liners aren't a profit center – priced at just $20 per liner, they provide a simple and cost-effective way to safeguard your investment.

Pan liners protect your shower pans from debris, dirt, paint, and grout during the construction phase. Once installation is complete, simply remove the liner and enjoy less items on your punch list. No deep cleaning or repairs necessary.

How do the liners protect your pans? Our pan liners are made from acrylic sheets and vacuum-molded to fit each product exactly (roll-in pans feature an acrylic cut sheet) for the utmost protection. And, every pan arrives at the jobsite with a pan liner already installed. Here's what they look like installed on the jobsite:

tub surrounds Linkedln Post (2)-1

Here are three very common scenarios on projects without shower pan liners:

1. The contractor opts to use cardboard as protection.

This is like having no protection at all. Cardboard disintegrates in water, so it's useless if it gets wet after any plumbing checks. Most importantly, unlike our liners, cardboard isn't molded to fit the pans. The edges of the pan are exposed, and the cardboard can slide around the pan, offering very little protection.

wet cardboardcardboard - a poor choice for protection

2. Your shower has tile walls, and your contractor uses epoxy grout (common in commercial projects).

If this grout drips onto the pan and isn't immediately wiped clean, IT WILL NOT COME OFF. Due to Mincey's durable material and gel coat, you can remove just about anything from our pans. However, epoxy grout will dry and clump. Although there are epoxy grout removers on the market, once the material has dried, it's extremely difficult to remove from any surface.

Screenshot 2023-11-07 152507dried epoxy grout on shower pan that will need to be replaced

If your contractor chooses to rely on something like cardboard for protection, it leaves your pans (especially the edges) vulnerable to dripping grout. Our acrylic liners are a perfect fit, ensuring the pan is covered and protected.

#3. Product is left outside before installation.

Because products are often left outside due to site conditions, products are exposed to the elements. Shower pans can get extremely dirty (like below) and damaged, even before installation. Our liners keep your pans clean and protected in order to prevent costs associated with deep cleaning and repairs.

Palm Holdings - Canada4 (002)Mincey pan after being stored outside without pan liners

Learn more about protecting our products before installation.

What if I'm already dealing with damaged pans from installation? If this is the case, please contact us immediately, and do not attempt any other treatments that could void the warranty. We will help you as much as we can, and depending on circumstances, we can send you a repair kit and instructions. 

Our pan liners are made to protect your investment. They keep your pans looking like new until your showers are ready for move-in day or opening day - saving you time, frustration, and money in last minute repairs.

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