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3 Tips for Faster, Simpler Hotel Renovations

It's no secret that hotel remodels have skyrocketed (in fact, we may be looking at the highest number ever!) And although everyone loves a fresh coat of paint and new bedding, these projects can mean plenty of headaches for hotel designers and renovation contractors.

After all, these properties need to meet current trends, market demands, AND brand standards. Accomplishing this within an existing footprint can be tough. If this isn’t demanding enough, the renovation needs to be done quickly to avoid too much lost revenue.

If your hotel renovation involves updating the shower, we've got your covered. Whether you’re working with a tub to shower conversion or unique shower sizes, here are three ways to update your hotel showers as quickly and stress-free as possible.

1. Choose a Local Vendor

Renovations often need products onsite faster than new construction. After all, you’re losing revenue every day that a room goes unoccupied. Working with a US manufacturer can substantially shorten lead times. And if something happens on the jobsite, you can get replacements in days or weeks - not months. Mincey products travel directly to the jobsite from our plant in north Georgia. This results in 1) less breakage and 2) your products arriving much faster.

2. Simplify Installation

Don't get bogged down with long, complex installations. In the shower, panels are much easier to install than dozens of tiles. No mortar, tile, grout, or sealing required! Mincey’s cast marble panels come oversized. They're simply trimmed onsite and installed with cast marble adhesive. Our shower pans are so durable and heavy (~200 lbs), they require just a simple “drop in” installation. Efficient installation = more renovated rooms in less time!

Renovating an occupied property? Our panels can even be installed over existing tile (provided the tile and plumbing behind the wall is fine). No demolition necessary – meaning less noise and inconvenience for your guests!

*Bonus - make installation even easier by using one of our certified installers. These companies have spent years installing Mincey products – in fact, some can install 8 to 10 showers a day.

3. Pick the Right Pans

Don't miss out on products that can streamline your project. For example, our renovation shower pans make tub to shower conversions EASY. The drains are in the same position as a typical tub drain – no need for a plumber to move waste lines! The pan is also the same depth as a standard tub, so the shower footprint can stay the same. No need to re-design the whole bathroom.

When removing a tub for a conversion, you might discover the drain connection is above the floor. What do you do? Mincey provides a 90-degree, low profile drain that allows you to keep the existing drain location and reduce pan curb height as much as possible. We've thought of everything to make these conversions as easy as possible!

Renovations can be tricky. Even though Mincey offers over 60 shower pans, we can customize your order based on your project's specifications. Whether you need a unique size or a different drain location for each room (yes, we’ve done it!), we can meet your requirements. You can read more about shower pans here.

Hotel renovations are crucial for staying competitive in the hospitality industry. Luckily, you can modernize your showers while cutting down on long lead times and complicated installations. Ask about our luxurious panels and convenient shower pans for your next project.