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3 Ways Mincey Can Help Reduce Waste On Your Project

We all know that construction sites can generate an awful lot of debris. In fact, it's estimated that as much as 30% of building materials can end up as waste. Shower installations also contribute to this. After all, it's standard to order 10-20% in extra tile just to account for breakage, cuts, and installation mistakes. That's a lot ending up in landfills. Enter Mincey, with our innovative showers that aren't just about looks and durability. Our products can also minimize wastage (and save you money) in your shower project. Here's how:

1. Variety of Shower Sizes

We've got you covered with a wide range of shower panel sizes. Each of our panel designs is available in multiple sizes, slashing the need for excessive cutting and waste. This method trumps the waste-heavy approach of using other materials like large format tiles, which can result in 10 square feet of excess waste per shower! Need panels for a tub project? We can block off our molds accordingly and pour to meet your specifications. Choose Mincey panels, and watch the waste dwindle.

2. Domestic Production and Direct Delivery

Proudly crafting all our cast marble panels and pans in the USA, Mincey delivers directly to your jobsite. This method significantly cuts down on breakage risks during transit. Forget about the nightmares of overseas shipping or purchasing from third-party sellers—those routes often result in high material casualty rates before they even make it to you.

Your panels and pans arrive directly from our plant, in crating and pallets made from real wood for the utmost durability. Mincey's direct-to-jobsite approach ensures your materials arrive in mint condition, reducing the likelihood of replacement orders ($$!) and, by extension, waste.

3. Streamlined Installation Process

Designed for simplicity, Mincey's products streamline the installation process, saving time and further reducing waste. For shower walls, our material comes in one-piece panels. They're simply trimmed onsite and mounted to the wall using cast marble adhesive. Shower pans are simply placed in the shower and connected to the plumbing. This efficient approach reduces the chance for errors that lead to wasted materials. Plus, simplifying installation often means cutting down on labor hours and onsite material needs, saving you money.

Choosing Mincey for your shower project is a wise move for any commercial property aiming to minimize waste and boost efficiency. With our selection of shower panel sizes, domestic production, and straightforward installation, you get high-quality products tailored to your project's demands, all while reducing waste.