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6 Low Maintenance Product Ideas for Hotels

Choosing products for a hotel renovation or a new build goes beyond aesthetics. What you choose today impacts the property years from now. Wouldn’t it be great to leave a lasting impression based on your selections? What if you could save a hotel time and money for years to come?

Ongoing labor shortages, the pressure to clean rooms faster, and the elimination of daily room cleanings make your product choices more important than ever. Incorporate only the most functional, durable, and low-maintenance products into your project. Reduce time spent cleaning and making repairs.

Housekeeper with cleaning product and equipment in front of a blue empty wall

One of the biggest cleaning jobs in a guest room is the shower. The tiresome scrubbing. The ongoing fight to keep mold and mildew at bay. It's time-consuming work. Now, multiply that effort 10-20 times (or more) a day! Good news - this problem can be easily solved with the right products. For less scrubbing, more efficient housekeeping, and less maintenance issues, choose shower walls and pans that are:

  • Easy to clean – think grout-free
  • Low maintenance – no regrouting or sealing
  • Sanitary – non-porous surfaces to resist mold and mildew
  • Stain-resistant – gel coat finish for utmost durability

Mincey’s cast marble panels and pans are durable, nonporous, and never require grouting or resealing - for showers that look brand new, guest after guest.

Consider including these other low maintenance products into your guest room update or renovation:

-Laminate or vinyl floors. We're all familiar with the flaws of carpet - the unwelcome stains, mold, and odors. It’s hard not to notice a carpet with stains – and it’s something you don’t want your guests to remember (or write about!). Consider hard flooring surfaces like luxury vinyl or laminate flooring. They not only look modern, but they're easy to maintain and clean.

hard flooring for hotels

-Plumbing fixtures. When possible, avoid shiny finishes like polished chrome. Go for brushed or matte fixtures which are better at hiding fingerprints and water spots. Think brushed nickel or matte black. Cut down on cleaning time by selecting single-lever faucets for the bathrooms instead of those with two handles.

-Handheld showers. Handheld showers give guests the option to target achy muscles. Even better, their flexible hoses make it easier for housekeeping staff to clean the shower. 

-Frameless shower doors.  Shower doors with thick frames are subject to mold and mildew. Have you ever ran a rag or paper towel underneath a framed shower door? Yuck! Frameless shower doors look sleek with minimal places for mold and mildew to grow. This means less upkeep for cleaning staff. High design. Less maintenance. It’s a win-win.

Learn more about shower doors > Shower Doors for Commercial Projects


-Backsplashes. Consider installing a hard surface at the vanity or kitchenette. It’s much easier to wipe up dried soap spots or splattered sauce from a tiled (or cast marble) backsplash than a painted wall. No harsh scrubbing. No need to repaint. The added design aesthetic is a bonus! 

Kitchen Backsplash TS CS Stars

Whether you’re remodeling a hotel or building a new property, consider the time spent cleaning each guest room. A product with longevity reduces the time and money spent on care and maintenance. In the bathroom, consider cast marble tub and shower surrounds and shower pans for beautiful designs that look new for years to come.